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Real Cadence App

Turn your tasks into actions and Rapidly effect Change.

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Enterprise Dash Board

See your Global Brand in real time and monitor execution
without leaving your office.

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Monitor all retail traffic and see it remotely

Automate all your Actions through Traffic + Actions = Traction

Traction will elevate your Brand and increase Sales

Real Cadence ™

Keep your brand’s appearance perfect and your employees in action: everything and everyone on the same page, in Real Cadence.

Real Time

Don’t wait till tomorrow to see what was happening yesterday at your storefronts. Find out, now.


Just because your company grows, doesn’t mean your headaches must. We’ll grow right alongside you.

Real Cadence Reflection

For critical tasks, it’s not enough to be told everything is OK. You need proof.

Mobile App

In the office or on the go, it’s all the same: VoloForce travels with you.

Cloud Based

Your data is safe, secure, and accessible, wherever, whenever.